• Christine Parker, MA

teenage mutant superheroes

I love teenagers.

Full of life and brightness, they bring great energy and fresh eyes to the world.

But inside every human teen resides a mutant superhero. This superhero knows everything, can do anything, and is immune to the world's real and present dangers.

Most amazingly, the superhero in every teen has friends whose parents are perfect in every way.

Protecting and preparing superhero teens is a tremendous challenge. But it's not a new one. A key piece of information I remind parents that today's superhero teens don't know, is that they too were once superhero mutant teens who could not be hurt by the dangers of this world.

Until they weren't. Until that day the world hurt them and they realized their parents were right and they needed protection and preparation.

So no matter how much our teens today demand and fight for independence and their "right" to privacy, to make their own decisions, to find themselves, etc., those of us who took our capes off long ago know we cannot abdicate the responsibility to stand firm as the parents, the authorities, even when our teenage mutant superheroes don't vehemently don't like us for it.

Their very lives may hang in the balance.

And yet, we too, in our capeless wisdom, must take care, as discussed in our previous post, not to overprotect. As parents, we must learn to give the right amount of privacy and independence in the right places and spaces while guiding and preparing our courageous mutants for navigating well the world they so eagerly intend to conquer.


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